NZPoly, New Zealand, Christchurch, Polyamory is the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving, and intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. People who practise polyamory respect a partner's wish to have second or further meaningful relationships and to accommodate these alongside their existing relationships, polyamory, polyamorous, poly, polyfidelity, fidelity, polyamoury, bdsm, bondage and discipline, bondage, discipline, swingers, swinging, sadomasochism, marriage, union, commitment, love, dom, dominant, sub, submissive, whip, spiritual, engagement, handfasting, big love, polygamy, polygny, polyandry, bigamy, vee, triad, quad, compersion, hinge, multiple, polyfamily, loving more, married, separated, divorced, relationship, primary partner, secondary partner, monogamy, monogamous, bisexual, bisexuality, straight, gay, lesbian, pansexual, bi poly, bipoly, sexuality, switch, fluid bonding, body fluid, condom contract, spouse, husband, wife, girlfriend, significant other, affair, honesty, honest, trust, cheat, adultery, mistress, sexual activity, open closed marriage, exclusive, intimate, polyfidelitous, group marriage, multiple partners, friends with benefits, orgy, cohabitate, cohabitated, emotions, community, commune, cult, nre